Elected committees

The AES has several committees which discuss relevant matters and make proposals to the AES council.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee deals with the investments of the Society and advises of increases in the annual subscription rates in accordance with forecasts of costs.

Conservation Committee

The Conservation Committee is responsible for our policies towards invertebrate conservation. The committee also deals with the Cribb Award, an award by the Society for invertebrate conservation, and reviews policy for trading at the annual exhibitions and in the Society's publications.

Development & Fundraising Committee

Publications Committee

The Publications committee is responsible for commissioning new titles for publication, along with issues relating to the printing of the Society's journals. The committee also sets the prices of the books.

Governance Committee

Panels and other groups

Groups for which membership is not by election.

Grants Panel

AES Bulletin Editorial Panel

The editorial panel is not a committee of council but is still an important part of the society.