Make a donation

As a charity, the Amateur Entomologists Society is heavily reliant upon donations in order to continue with its activities of encouraging the study of entomology, especially amongst amateurs and the young, together with conservation of invertebrates.

Donations to the Society can take several forms and may either be for the general purposes of the Society, or for a specific purpose.

How to donate

Donate equipment

By donating items of an entomological nature you can support the AES. The Society can either use or sell the items in order to raise funds. Donated items such as books and equipment, etc. are often sold at our annual exhibition to raise funds.

Other opportunities to support the society

We'd love to hear from you if you represent a company or other organisation and would like to support our society and activities. Sponsorship opportunities are available, please contact us.


Rest assured that any donation you make to the Society will be put to good use in helping either to further encourage the continuing study of entomology or to help us conserve our invertebrate biodiversity.