Bee-fly Watch 2019

Published: 07 March 2019

A photograph of an adult Bee-fly _Bombylius major_

A photograph of an adult Bee-fly Bombylius major.
Photograph by Michael Apel licensed under Creative Commons.

April is a fantastic time of year to see bee-flies in Britain. These fascinating insects are 1-2cm in length and have furry, stout bodies. Most bee-flies have a long, thin proboscis extending in front of the body. Adult bee-flies feed on nectar and use their long proboscis to sip nectar from flowering plants whilst hovering in front of the flower. Bee-flies are very agile and often hover near flowers before darting quickly away and then returning to hover again. Bee-flies are harmless.

Keep an eye out for bee-flies at this time of year and if you see one please make sure you record it as part of Bee-fly Watch 2019. If you want to tweet your sighting then please use #BeeFlyWatch.

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