Stick Insect Giveaway 2019 - postage information

Published: 08 May 2019

If you are a school in the UK and have requested stick insect eggs in the Stick Insect Giveaway 2019 then please note that we will be adjusting the posting of the eggs to account for half-term holidays.

For example, we won't send out eggs during the last week of May on the assumption that schools will be closed for half term. We will also delay sending out eggs if there is a chance they won't arrive this school year and will then post them at the beginning of the autumn term.

If you have any queries then please refer to the leaflet you have been sent. The leaflet includes a link to a web page with up-to-date information and further resources on how to care for the stick insects. The leaflet also includes the email address to contact if you have any queries regarding the Stick Insect Giveaway.

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