Sad news from the AES

Published: 01 May 2024

Dr David Lonsdale

Dr David Lonsdale helping a young entomologist.

The AES is very sorry to announce the passing of two members of our Council.

Steve Lings

Stephen Lings, a respected artist and conservationist and recent winner of the Marsh Award for Entomology, passed away at the end of March, after a long illness.

Dr David Lonsdale

Dr David Lonsdale was a member of the Society since childhood, and was Editor of our periodical Invertebrate Conservation News for over 50 years. David was much respected in the worlds of entomology and arboriculture and was a major contributor to this Society, and to invertebrate conservation more widely.

Obituaries will appear in The Bulletin in due course, and reminiscences can be sent to the Bulletin editor. Their passings leave a massive void in our Conservation Committee. They will be greatly missed, and our thoughts go out to their family and friends.

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