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A drawing of a Shield Bug by a Bug Club member

A drawing of a Shield Bug by a Bug Club member.

The Bug Club is aimed at youngsters between the ages of 5-15 although we welcome older members. We welcome members from all over the world.

Members get:

How to buy Bug Club membership for UK citizens

  1. Go to Amateur Entomologists' Society shop.
  2. Select your "Membership type" and "Ship to" location (e.g. UK or Outside the UK). Then select "Add to basket".
  3. Then select "Review and Checkout"
  4. Select "Checkout" and you can either create an account in the online shop or checkout as a guest
  5. Assuming you checkout as a guest, enter your billing address and press "Submit and continue"
  6. The 'additional information' box in step 2 of the checkout can be used to provide additional information for your order, for example, please use the box to:
    • Tell us if you would like the 'Welcome letter' sent to you (so you can present it to the gift recipient) rather than sent straight to the recipient.
    • Provide a message to accompany your gift, for example, if it's a birthday or Christmas present.
    • Tell us the date of birth of the recipient in this box.
  7. After entering any special instructions select "Go to PayPal to pay" and provide your payment details via PayPal.

If you are buying Bug Club from the USA, we have addtional information on joining the Bug Club from the USA. This information is also relevant for all overseas customers (just use your local currency instead of US dollars).

The Bug Club is jointly supported by the Amateur Entomologists' Society and the British Entomological and Natural History Society.