Insects are the most fascinating (and probably most numerous) animal on the planet.
In this section we explore their incredible lives.

What bug is this? - photograph of the beetle _Oedemera nobilis_

What bug is this?

Found a bug and want to know what it is? This section will help.

Insect groups - photograph of a ladybird

Insect groups

Browse through fact sheets about each of the insect groups.

Insect fact files - photograph of a damselfly

Insect fact files

Examine insects in detail, how they eat and how they live.

Conservation - The wing tip of the Large Blue butterfly


Look after little things and big things will look after themselves.

Caresheets - photograph of a tarantula


Invertebrates make brilliant pets. Find out how to care for them.

Insects & Man - photograph of an adult silkmoth

Insects & Man

Humans rely on insects - from our food to even our clothes.

Biodiversity - photograph of a honeybee


Invertebrates form an integral part in all ecosystems.

Become an entomologist - photograph of a drinker moth

Become an entomologist

Find out how you can become an entomologist.

Glossary - photograph of a small tortoiseshell butterfly

Entomologists' Glossary

Our easy to understand guide to entomological terms and phrases.

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