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a family of large crickets.
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cf. Dichotomous key - a method used to help identify an organism.
Killer bees
cf. Africanised honey bees - a hybrid of African honey bees and various European honey bees.
the male reproductive termite in a colony.
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King crab
cf. Xiphosura - an Order of marine chelicerates that include the Horseshoe crabs.
one of the main divisions used in the biological classification/taxonomy of organisms.
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Kissing bugs
cf. Assassin bug - insects in the Order Hemiptera (True bugs) that feed on the bodily fluids of other animals.
Kite net
cf. Butterfly net - a common piece of equipment used by an entomologist. It is used to catch flying insects.
an animal that steals food or prey from another animal.
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