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small workers in a eusocial insect colony; usually these workers are from the first brood.
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a strong smelling crystalline hydrocarbon used in mothballs.
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cf. Indigenous - an organism that is naturally occurring in a specific area.
Natural history
the study of the natural world.
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a feeding behaviour where an organism feeds on carrion from an organism they did not kill.
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cf. Modern evolutionary synthesis - the process of evolution which is based on the work of Charles Darwin but also includes more recent discoveries and findings from modern scientific research and genetics.
cf. Type specimen - a specimen that acts as the name bearer for a species.
a item of collecting equipment used by biologists. Nets have a 'bag' attached to a frame at the end of a handle.
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the Order Neuroptera are primitive insects. The Order contains about 4,000 species. Insects in the Order are known by a variety of names including Lacewings, Antlions and Mantidflies.
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cf. Midge - the name given to a number of species of, often biting, fly in the suborder Nematocera.
moths within the family Noctuidae.
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nocturnal animals are those that are active during the night.
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Non-insect hexapods
the grouping of three classes of six-legged invertebrates that are not insects.
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Nuptial flight
the mating flight of some insects such as social bees and ants.
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Nuptial gift
items provided by a male invertebrate to a female prior to mating.
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cf. Larva - the juvenile form of an insect.
cf. Browns - the collective name given to butterflies within the family Nymphalidae that have brown wings.

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