Boxelder bug

Boxelder bugs, scientific name Boisea trivittata, is a true bug (insects belonging to the Order Hemiptera). Boxelder bugs are found throughout the United States and southern Canada.

Adults are black and orange/red in colour and can reach 13mm in length. Boxelder bugs feed primarily on boxelder trees and suck sap from the tree. Boxelder bugs also feed on other plants such as maple and ash.

Boxelder bugs are not a significant pest but can be a nuisance when congregating in large numbers within buildings. Adults and nymphs look for a place to hibernate during Autumn and can enter homes in large numbers.

A photograph of an adult Boxelder bug (_Boisea trivittata_)

A photograph of an adult Boxelder bug (Boisea trivittata).
Photograph by Tom Murphy VII licensed under Creative Commons.

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