The Dermestidae are a family of beetles that are more commonly known as skin beetles, larder beetles, hide beetles, leather beetles and carpet beetles. There are over 500 species worldwide and they are present in many different habitats and have a variety of life cycles.

One of the most well known Dermestid beetles is the carpet beetle carpet beetle (Anthrenus verbasci). Adult beetles eat pollen and nectar but the larvae (commonly known as woolly bears) can cause damage to woollens.

A photograph of an adult carpet beetle _Anthrenus verbasci_.

A photograph of an adult carpet beetle Anthrenus verbasci.
Photograph by Alvesgaspar licensed under Creative Commons.

Dermestid beetles are also important in forensic entomology as some species are closely associated with carcasses and can be used to tell how long it was since someone died or if a body has been moved.

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