Hand lens

A hand lens is a small device used to magnify something that an entomologist (or other naturalist) is looking at. A hand lens consists of a lens made of a piece of glass or plastic. The lens is usually attached to a frame that can be swivelled so the lens moves inside a protective cover.

Many species of insect can only be identified by viewing very small characteristics. When in the field entomologists often carry a hand lens as this helps them examine small or hard to see characteristics of insects or other invertebrates. In the laboratory entomologists often use a microscope instead of a hand lens.

A hand lens isn't just used by entomologists but by many naturalists who need to view small things in the field and even by jewellers when examining the structure of jewellery.

A photograph of a hand lens.

A photograph of a hand lens.
Photograph by Adamantios licensed under Creative Commons.

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