Yellow dung fly

The Yellow dung fly (Scathophaga stercoraria) is a common fly in the UK and can often be found on or near dung. The males are bright yellow and very hairy. The females are duller in colouration, often brown, and have fewer hairs. Males and females are predators of other insects that visit the dung. The larvae of the yellow dung fly feed on dung.

Although most adult males are bright yellow in colour, within a given population there will be some adult males that more closely resemble females than they do males. It is thought that these males can reach and mate with females as the more brightly coloured individuals do not realise these drab individuals are also males.

A photograph of a male Yellow dung fly _Scathophaga stercoraria_.

A photograph of a male Yellow dung fly Scathophaga stercoraria.
Photograph by Svdmolen licensed under Creative Commons.

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