What bug is this?

A macro photograph of the head of the beetle _Oedemera nobilis_.

Face to face with the beetle Oedemera nobilis.

If you have found an unknown insect (or other invertebrate) and would like to identify it then the AES can help you.

There are roughly one million described species of insect and experts estimate that there are probably another five million species that are yet to be identified. If you combine that total with the millions of species of invertebrate that are not insects (e.g. spiders, scorpions, centipedes, millipedes, ticks etc.) you'll realise that no one person can ever be an expert in any more than a relatively small area.

With that in mind the society provides information and two different identification services, one is for members of the society and the other is for non-members.

This section includes:

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