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The Amateur Entomologists' Society and Bug Club are based in the UK. However, we get many enquiries from people wanting to join from outside of the UK and we welcome overseas members. Many of these enquiries come from people living in the United States of America so we have provided information below to answer your questions on enrolling from the USA. Although these queries are often specific to the Bug Club the answers also apply to joining the AES in general.

How much does it cost?

The AES is based in the UK and our membership fees are listed in pounds sterling (£). The dollar to pound exchange rate fluctuates so it's not possible to tell you a fixed price for membership. However, you can use services like XE to work out the cost of membership in US dollars. All you need to do is look up the overseas rate for the membership category you want in pounds sterling. Then, enter that value in to the form on the XE Web site, select the currency you are converting from as "GBP United Kingdom Pounds" and the currency you want to convert to as "USD United States Dollars", then press the "Go!" button.

This will give you an estimate of the cost as the precise exchange rate will depend on that used by your credit card company or bank and so the value should be used as a guide only.

If you are enrolling online using our online shop, then the costs will be listed as pounds sterling throughout the process but, when you pay via PayPal, your credit card company will do the currency conversion and you will be charged the corresponding amount in US dollars. So, you don't need to worry about converting the figures yourself.

How do I join online?

We have provided instructions on how to join online and also how to buy gift membership. When using the online shop be sure to select Outside the UK as the 'Ship to' value.

Are the articles in the magazine relevant to overseas members?

Yes, the Bug Club Magazine covers a huge range of topics and features articles from authors throughout the world. You can get an idea of the types of articles published by reading some of our featured articles or looking back through the Bug Club Magazine's contents listings.

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