Gift aid declaration

UK tax payers only

If you are joining the Amateur Entomologists' Society (or renewing your membership) and pay income tax or capital gains tax in the UK, the Amateur Entomologists' Society can reclaim tax from the Inland Revenue under the Gift aid scheme. The Gift aid scheme costs you nothing but makes a massive difference to small charities such as the AES. If you are a UK tax payer then please consider making a 'Gift aid' declaration so we can claim Gift aid from any qualifying payments you might make to the society during your time as member.

If, in the future, your circumstances change and you no longer pay income tax or capital gains tax, you can tell us to cancel this declaration. If you do not pay more tax than the Gift aid payments you make then HMRC can ask you to pay back the difference.

New members

If you are about to enrol using our online shop or the membership form from the Web site then you can make your Gift aid declaration when you join (by selecting the checkbox in step 2 of the checkout procedure).

Existing members

If you've been a member of the AES for some time, or pay by standing order, you may not have signed a Gift aid declaration. If you'd like to complete a Gift aid declaration, and benefit the AES, then please download, print, complete and return the form below:

Gift aid declaration form 138K, PDF