How to join online

Joining online is quick and easy. The first step is to determine what membership category is most appropriate to you. For the purpose of these instructions we have assumed you're a new member wanting to receive the Bulletin and you live in the United Kingdom. You may find it helpful to print out these instructions to refer to later.

If you are familiar with shopping online then many of the instructions below will seem second-nature.

Instructions for joining online

  1. Go to the Amateur Entomologists' Society shop (
  2. Go to the "Membership and renewals" section.
  3. Select the membership category you want, for example: "Adult or family membership".
  4. On the product page, select:
    • Journals - for example "Bulletin and Entomologist's Record"
    • Ship to - this is where you want the journals to be delivered, for example "UK"
    • Additional donation - choose if you want to make an additional donation to help support the work of the AES
  5. Now select "Add to basket" and, in the pop-up, select "Review and checkout"
  6. Select "Checkout" and you can either create an account in the online shop or checkout as a guest
  7. Assuming you checkout as a guest, enter your billing address and press "Submit and continue"
  8. On the next page you can review your order and:
    • State if you are renewing your membership and enter your membership number, if known
    • Confirm if you want your details included in a membership list
    • Confirm if you are a UK tax payer and if we can claim Gift aid on any qualifying payments you might make as a member
  9. Now select "Go to PayPal to pay"
  10. You will now be taken to the PayPal Web site to make your payment. The Amateur Entomologists' Society uses PayPal to ensure the security of your transaction.
  11. If you already have a PayPal account you can log in and pay as usual. If you do not have a PayPal account you can either create one or pay using a credit card without creating a PayPal account.
  12. Once you have made your payment you will be returned to the AES shop and will see confirmation of your order.
  13. You will also receive an email from the AES and one from PayPal confirming the order and payment respectively.
  14. Your order will then be processed and a Welcome letter sent to you. The time of year when you join the AES determines what periodicals you receive. For example, if you join in July you will receive the first two Bulletins of the year in one go. The next two Bulletins will then be sent out to you when they are published.