Books and leaflets

Front cover of the the new publication, A year in the lives of British ladybirds, depicting a group of seven spot ladybirds

The AES also produces books aimed at young entomologists. The second book in this series, "A year in the lives of British ladybirds", has been published and this accompanies "British butterflies throughout the year" which was published in 2007.

The Amateur Entomologists' Society produces a wide range of publications that are highly respected and ideally suited to amateurs as well as providing sufficient depth to appeal to expert entomologists too.

The Society published its first book in 1941 and, although some of the early works are now out-of-print, the AES publishes a new book or a revision to an older title almost every year. Our books can now be purchased online through our shop or, alternatively, by post if you wish.

Many people will be familiar with the books, pamphlets and leaflets categorisation of our publications but this is no longer used.

Current publications

For historical interest a complete list of all of the Society's publications (past & present) is provided in the Society history section of this Web site.