Become an author

For over 60 years the Society has produced many different publications covering numerous aspects of entomology. Some of the subjects covered have had very little published about them, and the Society continues to try to produce books which will be of use to entomologists.

Throughout the years we have always strived to produce publications that can be sold at a price as low as possible. One of the reasons that we can sell our publications at a relatively low price is that all of the authors have been unpaid volunteers. The Society is always looking for authors for both new publications as well as to work on new editions of items already published, some of which may now be out of print.

At present, authors are currently needed urgently to assist with new editions of The Lepidopterist's Handbook, The Dipterist's Handbook, The Hymenopterist's Handbook, as well as publications dealing with breeding British and European Hawkmoths and Praying Mantids.

We welcome suggestions for new books on all entomological subjects. The General Editor will also be pleased to hear from anyone wishing to submit a manuscript for consideration for a possible publication. The General Editor can be contacted using our Contact us form.