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Butterfly or Moth?

How good are you at telling apart your butterflies and moths? You might be able to recognise one when you see one but what about telling them apart from their common names?

All you have to do in this game is work out which of the names is a butterfly and which is a moth. You then have to drag and drop the name of the butterfly into the container.

Find the butterflies
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Red Admiral
Large Emerald
Yellow Underwing
Silver Y
Scarlet Tiger
Orange Tip
Angle Shades
Great Prominent
Scotch Argus

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This activity is a drag and drop exercise and requires JavaScript - which is not enabled in your browser/device. The exercise is to find the butterflies in this list of butterflies and moths: Red Admiral, Great Prominent, Orange Tip, Yellow Underwing, Silver Y, Peacock, Angle Shades, Scarlet Tiger, Comma, Buff-tip, Large Emerald, Scotch Argus