Leonard Tesch Lecture

Leonard Tesch was the founder of the Amateur Entomologists' Society. To commemorate our founder, Professor Mike Majerus suggested that each year we hold the Leonard Tesch Lecture at our AES Members' Day. The lecture is given by an invited speaker and can cover any entomological topic.

Previous Leonard Tesch Lectures

  1. Professor Mike Majerus - Inaugural Tesch Lecture & AES Presidential Address: Natural history and the future of the world.
  2. Dr Remy Ware - Alien vs. Predator: Can natural enemies control the invasive harlequin ladybird?
  3. Dr Robin Wootton - How and why do butterflies fly?
  4. Dr Martin Hall - Little things, big consequences
  5. Dr Margaret Redfern - Insect Galls: fascinating miniature worlds?
  6. Professor John Cooper - Phasmids, Fleas and Fevers: a Naturalist and Vet at Home and Abroad
  7. Dr Alan Stewart - Leafhoppers
  8. Chris Shortall - The Rothamsted Insect Survey: What five decades of insect monitoring has taught us... and what we still have to learn
  9. Dr Paul Waring - A lifetime of mothing
  10. Dr Paul Eggleton - Eating soil, and other strange invertebrate diets
  11. Professor Simon Leather - Aphids are Fab
  12. Mike Edwards - Bee declines - real, or imaginary?
  13. Dr Erica McAlister - Some anatomical aspects of the Diptera, and how some of their properties have been utilised in human inventions
  14. Steven Trim (Veterinary Invertebrate Society) - Challenges and advances in understanding what is normal and what is pathological in venomous captive invertebrates