Introduce a friend to the AES

Photograph of fruit flies (_Drosophila melanogaster_) feeding on an orange

A photograph of fruit flies (Drosophila melanogaster) feeding on an orange.

The AES is pleased to announce a scheme whereby an existing member will receive a voucher entitling them to a reduction of £5 off their renewal subscription for each new member they introduce to the society (providing that person has not been a member of the society in the last two years).

A maximum of three vouchers may be used for any one year's adult subscription and the vouchers are non-transferable (to other people or held over for subsequent years).

At current subscription levels this would mean that your renewal fee could be reduced as low as £15 if you introduce just one new person to the society.

Taking part in the scheme

In order to take part in the scheme, please send the name and address of the person you'd like to introduce to the society either by post to Society's address or by email using the contact us form on this Web site.

Please include your name and membership number so that we know who to send the voucher to.