A Champion Event, at Rainham

09 July 2022 14:00 - 18:00

Location: Riverside Country Park, 333 Lower Rainham Road, Rainham, ME7 2XH, UK.

Event description

The purpose of this event is to explore the sea wall and nearby terrestrial habitats for Cosmobaris scolopacea. This is a small curculionid beetle which was found nearby in June 1870 by two entomologists, called Champion and Walker.

It's helpful that we know that this little weevil is associated with the plant Sea Purslane (Atriplex portulacoides). It might not be easy to find, and we need to come equipped with suitable clothing and footwear depending on the weather. The event leaders, which will include expert coleopterists Ralph Hobbs and Peter Hodge, will be keeping an eye on everyone to make sure they don't fall into the sea! But the beetle might turn up more inland on the day. And, of course, we can look further inland for other invertebrates that take our fancy.

The starting time, 2:00 pm, is because that is low tide.

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