Verrall Lecture 2023

01 March 2023

Location: TBC

Event description

The Verrall Lecture 2023 is by Dr Edgar Turner, Associate Professor, Curator of Insects in the University Museum of Zoology, Cambridge and Tutor for Access and Outreach, Clare College, on Managing tropical ecosystems for insect biodiversity. Ed Turner is a conservation scientist who researches strategies that can be employed to conserve species diversity and healthy ecosystem functioning both in the UK and abroad. He is also a University Teaching Officer in the Department of Zoology, Curator of Insects in the University Museum of Zoology and a Fellow at Clare College, Cambridge.

His work includes investigating biodiversity of oil palm plantations in Sumatra, Indonesia on the BEFTA programme, the SAFE Project in Sabah, Malaysia that experimentally investigates the impact of rainforest fragmentation and collaborating with the Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire Wildlife Trust in the UK, investigating insect diversity and management on chalk grassland reserves.

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Event organiser: Royal Entomological Society

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