Global Conference on Entomology 2011

05 March 2011 - 09 March 2011

Location: Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Event description

The main objective of the Global Conference on Entomology is to showcase advances in entomological research and development in the insect world. The skills and knowledge of entomologists are needed worldwide helping farmers to produce crops and livestock more efficiently through sound pest management strategies, fighting to save endangered species and fragile ecosystems, and preventing insects from spreading agents that cause serious diseases.

The conference organised by the Century Foundation, Bangalore in association with other organizations will provide a scientific platform to exchange the information on the recent advances in entomological research and to bring together the International scientific community involved in the study of insects.

The topics of the conference include:

  • Ecology
  • Nature protection, landscape management, insect conservation - in a changing environment
  • Agricultural entomology
  • Genetically modified organisms
  • Forest entomology
  • Systematics, taxonomy and zoo-geography
  • Medical and veterinary entomology
  • Insect genetics (genomics, developmental genetics, population genetics, etc.)
  • Neurobiology and toxicology
  • Physiology, and behaviour
  • Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
  • Parasitic Mites: Regional and world-wide issues
  • Advances in Apiculture
  • Cultural entomology
  • Sensory ecology (Pheromones)
  • Soil entomology
  • Drosophila genetics
  • Applied Research in Wolbachia

Organisation details

This event was not organised by the AES. Please contact the event organiser if you have any queries.

Event organiser: Century Foundation, Bangalore

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