The Chironomid Pupal Exuvial Technique training course 2011

27 July 2011 23:00 - 28 July 2011 23:00

Location: FBA Windermere, Cumbria, UK

Event description

Midges make monitoring manageable! Collecting and identifying chironomid midge pupal exuviae (skins) is easy and rewarding. Chironomid (non-biting midge) taxa composition and relative abundance are sensitive to physical and chemical change in waterbodies. The collection of floating chironomid pupal exuviae at the leeward shore of standing water bodies, or behind obstructions within flowing water, provides a simple and safe means of obtaining abundant macroinvertebrate data.

Using the FBA guide to chironomid pupae assists amateur naturalists, anglers and professionals to produce inventories of their local waterbodies or monitoring sites easily. The Chironomid Pupal Exuvial Technique (CPET) provides a unique method of obtaining representative macroinvertebrate samples, is particularly suitable for large waterbodies and is independent of the sampler because of its passive derivation.

This two-day course will provide training on: sampling chironomid pupal exuviae from waterbodies, laboratory techniques and sample preparation, the morphology of chironomid pupae, identification of chironomid pupae to the level of the Wilson & Ruse FBA Guide and CPET analyses to assess water quality.

Tutor, Les Ruse, has been a biologist in the Water Industry for more than 32 years and is now a Research Fellow at Roehampton University. He researched the micro-distribution and ecology of chironomid larvae in river substrata while under the tutelage of Ronald Wilson at Bristol University.

Cost: £210; early bird rate £195; FBA member £185

Organisation details

This event was not organised by the AES. Please contact the event organiser if you have any queries.

Event organiser: Freshwater Biological Association

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