Conchological Society indoor meeting - Bath

12 November 2011

Location: Bath Royal Literary & Scientific Institution, 16-18 Queen Square, Bath, UK.

Event description

Bath Royal Literary & Scientific Institution has an important shell collection including a wide range of rare North American freshwater mussels some of which may be extinct. There will be a display of shells of Epioblasma, Lampsilis, Lasmigona, Elliptio, Obovaria, Pleurobema, Quadrula, Plethobasus and Potamilus. It may be possible to visit more of the collection, but the store is not large enough to take more than 4 visitors at a time.

The venue is associated with Leonard Jenyns who was a friend of Charles Darwin and described several new mollusc species. There will be illustrated talks on Jenyns and freshwater bivalves, the history of the shell collection, North American river bivalves and the mechanics of mussel shells.

Tea and coffee will be available but there are no catering facilities on-site.

AES members are eligible to attend Conchological Society meetings but booking is essential.

Organisation details

This event was not organised by the AES. Please contact the event organiser if you have any queries.

Event organiser: Conchological Society

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