Wings of change

14 July 2015 18:00 - 19:45

Location: Huxley Lecture Theatre, Zoological Society of London, Regents Park, London NW1 4RY, UK.

Event description

Long-term insect surveillance initiatives, such as the Rothamstead Insect Survey and the UK Butterfly Monitoring Scheme, allow ongoing assessments of the conservation status of large numbers of insect species against a background of increasing environmental change. In addition, surveillance initiatives focused on aphids, biting midges and mosquitoes are essential to our understanding and management of potential agricultural pests, and human and animal health threats. This meeting will highlight the key findings from long-term insect surveys, including a 50-year monitoring project for British moths and butterflies, range expansion of biting midges and the disease risk implications of mosquitoes 'on the move'. Speakers will include Martin Warren, Butterfly Conservation, and Marion England,The Pirbright Institute.

Chaired by Paul Pearce-Kelly, Senior Curator of Invertebrates/Lower Invertebrates and Research at ZSL

FREE Science and Conservation Event, open to all, no need to book


  • Martin Warren, Chief Executive, Butterfly Conservation
    Trends in British moths and butterflies: 50 years of dramatic change
  • James Bell, Head of the Rothamsted Insect Survey, Rothamsted
    Research Golden years for pests?  Findings from Rothamsted's 50-year aphid survey
  • Marion England, The Pirbright Institute
    Culicoides midge surveillance: health management and distribution modelling
  • Giovanni Pastorino, Veterinary University of Milan, Manchester University and ZSL
    Mosquitoes on the move: range expansions, behaviour changes and disease risk implications

Organisation details

This event was not organised by the AES. Please contact the event organiser if you have any queries.

Event organiser: Zoological Society of London

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