Beginners guide to solitary bees and wasps

10 July 2016 10:00 - 16:00

Location: Lackford Lakes, Lackford, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP28 6HX, UK.

Event description

Join Adrian Knowles, bee & wasp expert on this fascinating day. Adrian is the Suffolk county recorder for bees, wasps & ants. There are some 200 species of wild bees in the UK, called solitary bees because they make individual nest cells for their larvae. Some species nest in tunnels or holes in the ground, sandy banks and crumbling mortar while others use the hollow stems of dead plants such as bramble. They are harmless and do not sting or swarm so are safe to have in the garden and are very important pollinators. Solitary wasps are also very beneficial in the garden. They are predators performing very important biological control - keeping insect populations in balance. Their life cycles, feeding and hunting techniques are absolutely fascinating.

Organisation details

This event was not organised by the AES. Please contact the event organiser if you have any queries.

Event organiser: Suffolk Wildlife Trust

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