Wildlife Gardening Forum conference (Bristol) - new findings in Wildlife Gardening Science

29 September 2018 10:00 - 16:10

Location: Trinity Centre, Bristol, BS2 0NW, UK.

Event description

The next meeting of the Wildlife Gardening Forum will be one of their popular science-update conferences. At the conference you can hear directly from active researchers about new discoveries and current research in the understanding of garden wildlife.

The programme (subject to minor changes) is:

  • 10.00 - Registration and coffee
  • 10.20 - Welcome and introduction
  • 10.25 - "The city as a refuge for insect pollinators" - Dr Katherine Baldock,   Biological Sciences, University of Bristol
  • 10.55 - "Cornish bumblebees in Cornish gardens:  Detecting bumblebee nests, and researching bumble ecology" - Beth Roberts, PhD Researcher at University of Exeter
  • 11.25 - Coffee
  • 11.45 - "Bees 'n Beans project" - Dr Linda Birkin, Sussex University, Citizen Science and pollinators 
  • 12.15 - "Developing and testing seed mixes to attract a diversity of wild pollinators into gardens and amenity spaces" - Lucy Witter, PhD student at the National Botanic Garden of Wales 
  • 12.45 - Lunch
  • 13.45 - "Cat, red-handed: roaming and predation behaviour of the domestic cat" - Professor Mark Fellowes, University of Reading
  • 14.15 - "Metagenomic survey of honey bee food stores: key players in bee bread" - Dr Philip Donkersley, Lancaster University 
  • 14.45 - "New findings on disease in garden amphibians" - Dr Laurence Jarvis, Science and Research Manager, Froglife.
  • 15.15 - "Long term effect of bird feeding on communities" - (Claire Boothby) or another, BTO Garden, BirdWatch
  • 15.45 - Discussion led by Wildlife Gardening Forum Board members - "Looking ahead: the next 5 years for the Wildlife Gardening Forum"
  • 16.10 - Finish

Organisation details

This event was not organised by the AES. Please contact the event organiser if you have any queries.

Event organiser: Wildlife Gardening Forum

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