AES Award winners

Details of the previous winners of the various AES awards:

Ansorge Bequest winners

Details of the Ansorge Bequest.

  1. Alexander Gardiner - Pond Study
    James Rawles - Phasmid and Mantid memorabilia
  2. Philip Crisp
  3. Philip Crisp - A study of insect defensive behaviour
  4. Philip Crisp - A study of my Praying Mantis species
  5. Natalie Lawrence - Insects of Southern Africa
  6. Natalie Lawrence - Californian Insects
  7. Winner = Rosie Bull
    Highly commended = Philip Crisp
    Highly commended = Isobel Ruffle - Insect colour preferences
    Highly commended = Scott Tytheridge - Giant Millipedes
  8. Not awarded
  9. Winner = Theo Tamblyn - Eyed Hawkmoths
    Highly commended = Scott Tytheridge - Giant Millipedes and Giant Snails
    Highly commended = David May - Insects in my house
  10. Winner = Theo Tamblyn - Beetles
    Highly commended = David May - Insects seen on my holiday
  11. Winners = Luke Andrews and Theo Tamblyn
    Highly commended = Samuel Baylis
    Highly commended = David May
    Highly commended = Daniel Osmond
  12. Winner = Theo Tamblyn - Phorid flies
    Highly Commended = Isabella Baylis - Atlas moths
    Highly Commended = Samuel Baylis - for his two exhibits: one photographic and one showing insect classification
    Highly Commended = Jody Holland - Robin Moth exhibit
    Highly Commended = David May - Wasps' nests
    Highly Commended = Rachel McLeod - various aspects of cockroaches
    Highly Commended = Daniel Osmond - collection of stick insects
  13. Winner = George Spence
    Highly commended = Samuel Baylis
    Highly commended = Magnus McLeod
    Highly commended = Daniel Osmond
  14. Winner = Daniel Osmond
    Winner = Ozzie Meads
    Highly commended = George Spence
    Highly commended = Oliver Spence
    Highly commended = Theo Tamblyn
  15. Winner = The Bug Club Hill End Entomologists
    Highly Commended = Jackson Mockler
    Highly Commended = Theo Tamblyn
    Winner = Samuel Baylis
  16. Winner (up to 8) = Layla Shaw - 'Life Cycle of the Indian Moon Moth.'
    Highly commended = Ozzie Meads
    Winner (9 - 13) = Maddie and John Fuggle - 'Cicadas'
    Highly commended = George Spence
    Highly commended = Ben Houchin
    Winner (14 - 17) = Talay Namintraporn - 'Volunteering in the Coleoptera Department of the Natural History Museum'
  17. Winner (up to 8) = Layla Shaw - 'The Lifecycle of the Red Mason Bee, Osmia rufa'
    Winner (9 - 13) = Emily Haynes - 'Wings and things'
    Second prize = John Fuggle, for his account of the Bug Club Hill End camp
    Third prize = Maddie Fuggle, for her poster on dragonflies and damselflies
    Winner (14 - 17) = Talay Namintraporn, for observations on her phasmid collection
  18. Winner (9 - 13) = Douglas St Ledger Smith
    Winner (14 - 17) = Talay Namintraporn
    Second prize = Maddie Fuggle
  19. Winner (up to 9) = Aidan Scott - my 6th birthday present - a pond
    Highly commended : Connie Chicken - giant prickly stick insects
    Winner (9 - 13) = Layla Shaw - escaping the enemy
    Second prize = John Fuggle - defensive behaviour in beetles
    Third prize = Joseph Reavey - british butterflies - my success so far
    Winner (14 - 17) = Talay Namintraporn - Apart & together - relationships between insects
    Second prize = Emily Haines - the beauty of a bloody nose
    Third prize = Maddie Fuggle - colour and appearance


Bradford Award winners

Details of the Bradford Award.

  1. Sarah Patton - display case of insects from Iping Common
    Roy McCormick (Moths of Devon in 2005)
  2. Henry Berman - Bees and Wasps
    Bob George - Flea Distributions
  3. Henry Berman - Social Wasps
    Highly commended = Kevin Chuter, David Oram
  4. Highly commended = Andrew Halstead, Roy McCormick, David Oram
  5. David Oram
    Highly commended = Henry Berman, Alan Rix
  6. Kevin Chuter
    Highly commended = Robert Heckford
  7. David Oram - 'Some Coleoptera from Mozambique, KwaZulu-Natal and Swaziland'
    Highly commended = Richard Mandziejewicz - 'Varieties of Melanarga galathea'
    Highly commended = Nick Holford - 'The longhorn beetle Morimus asper'
  8. David Oram for his exhibit 'Insects from the Udzungwa Mountain National Park in Tanzania'
  9. Mark Yeates - 'An Unpublished Plate from The Entomologist and Aberrations of the Small Tortoiseshell and Comma.'
    Highly commended = Clive Betts, Peter Russell
  10. Alex Dittrich and Alvin Helden for their study of the ecological position of the tall fescue planthopper Ribautodelphax imitans in a UK grassland.
    David Shaw's exhibit showing photographs of butterflies, moths and other animals of Madagascar and Wales was highly commended.
  11. Dr Tim Nicholson Roberts and Dr Mark Bailey, for an exhibit entitled 'Ebola Encounters in Sierra Leone'.
  12. Sue Shaw - silkworms and silkmoths - spinning a yarn


Colin Smith Award winners

Details of the Colin Smith Award.

  1. Jacqueline Ruffle - Entomological Champions


Cribb Award winners

Details of the Cribb Award.

  1. Duncan Fraser for his work at Old Stores Meadows private nature reserve, Capel, Surrey
  2. Not awarded
  3. Not awarded
  4. Not awarded
  5. Not awarded
  6. Not awarded
  7. Not awarded
  8. Not awarded
  9. Not awarded
  10. Not awarded
  11. Not awarded


Gardiner Award winners

Details of the Gardiner Award.

  1. David May - A Trip to the London Butterfly House
  2. Winner (over 9s category) = Luke Andrews
    Winner (under 9s category) = Rachel McLeod
    Highly commended = David May Highly commended = David Rachel McLeod
  3. Winners (over 9s category) = Calum Lyle and Rachel McLeod
    Highly commended = Luke Andrews
    Highly commended = Samuel Baylis
    Highly commended = Freya Carter
    Highly commended = Harry Poore
    Highly commended = Ella Wilkins
    Highly commended = Bethany Wildash
    Winners (under 9s category) = Magnus McLeod
    Highly commended = Jodie Brown
    Highly commended = Ben Newman
    Highly commended = Ella Roy
  4. Winner = Theo Tamblyn, for his revealing exhibit on phorid flies
    Isabella Baylis, for her nice exhibit on Atlas moths
    Samuel Baylis, for his two exhibits - one photographic, and one showing insect classification
    Jody Holland, for his interesting Robin Moth exhibit
    David May, for his well done exhibit on wasps' nests
    Rachel McLeod, for her excellent exhibit on various aspects of cockroaches
    Daniel Osmond, for his great collection of stick insects
  5. Winner (under 9s category) = Magnus McLeod
    Highly Commended = Sophie Brown
    Winner (9-13s category) = Rachel McLeod
    Highly Commended = Georgette Beaunier
    Highly Commended = Safiya Lim
    Highly Commended = Evie Privitera
  6. Winner (under 9s category) = Anneliese Mayer ('Woodlice')
    Runner-up = Louis Dearden ('Strange Bug sitting on Grandad's Finger')
    Highly Commended = Oliver Spence ('My Day at the Show')
    Winner (9-13s category) = Caitlin Eastes ('The Great Country Park Voyage of (Bug) Discovery')
    Runner-up = Jackson Mockler ('Wildlife Onsite' and 'Report on the Bug Club Open Day at the Oxford University Museum of Natural History')
    Highly Commended = Edmund Scott ('A Day at Dinton Pastures Country Park')
    Highly Commended = Sabrina Olson ('Through the Eyes of...a Roach?')
  7. Winner (under 9s category) = Magnus McLeod
    Winner (9-13s category) = Rachel McLeod
    Highly Commended = Ben and Dylan Houchin
    Highly Commended = Safiya Lim
    Highly Commended = Edmund Scott
    Highly Commended = George and Oliver Spence
    Winner (over 13s category) = Imogen Robertson
  8. Winner (under 9s category) = Ben Gubb and Mridul Mahendroo
    Winner (9-13s category) = Sophie Brown
    Winner (over 13s category) = Imogen Robertson
    Highly Commended = Rachel McLeod
  9. Benjamin Gubb - for his wildlife diaries
    Hayden Pitts - for an article on the Scarlet Tiger Moth
    Imogen Robertson - for an article on pond skaters
    The Bug Club at St Catherine's School, Twickenham - for an article on Lavender Beetles
  10. Winner (under 9s category) = Aidan Scott and Benjamin Gubb
    Winner (9 and over category) = Age group 9 and over: James McCulloch, Douglas St Ledger Smith, Zhi Bing Soh, Isabelle Kearsley


Hammond Award winners

Details of the Hammond Award.

  1. Hewitt Ellis - Hymenoptera Parasitica
  2. Jenni Johnstone - Distribution & Status of Formica exsecta in Britain
  3. Not awarded
  4. Ian Wallace - The Beginner's Guide to Caddis
    This article is available for download from our page on Caddisflies.
  5. Peter Sutton - Classic Entomological Sites: Pagham Harbour
  6. Lisa Webb - The Dung Beetles of Ayrshire, Scotland
  7. Not awarded
  8. Stuart Cole
  9. Keith Lewis - a series of excellent articles on a variety of topics throughout the year.
  10. David Keen - a variety of articles on a range of topics including Spanish mantids, oil beetles and butterflies.
  11. Peter Holland - a series of articles on Emma Hutchinson.
  12. John Walters - The ecology of the Kugelann's Ground Beetle Poecilus kugelanni.
  13. The Hammond Award 2011 was awarded to Maria Fremlin and Paul Hendriks, for their article on feeding strategies of stag beetles.
    Shortlisted for this award were Andrew George (bees and wasps in a rural garden), Tim Gardiner (Altitudinal limits of grasshoppers in relation to hilltop livestock grazing), Rob Partridge (WBL Manley and the Insect Room) and Jamie Weir (the apparent attraction of two members of the genus Hepialus (Lep.: Hepialidae) to tomato plants).
  14. Martin Probert
  15. Martin Probert
  16. Martin Probert for his article on the Buff Tip moth
  17. Martin Probert - Ants in the pants: Lasius niger beneath the skirts of Fuchsia magellanica


Tesch Award winners

Details of the Tesch Award.

  1. Sophie Wilkins - Lifecycles of the Red-eyed Damselfly and Small Red-eyed Damselfly