Leaving a legacy in your will

By leaving a legacy to the Amateur Entomologists Society you will help to ensure that not only can the Society continue its activities, but may enable them to be increased. Such a bequest can either be in the form of a specific legacy, perhaps either a monetary one or a particular item, be it of an entomological nature or not, or alternatively a residual legacy whereby the Society were to receive all or part of the remainder of your estate after all specific gifts had been dealt with. You can also specify as to whether the bequest is to be used for a specific purpose or for the general use of the society in pursuing its objectives. Since the Society is run by volunteers, you can be assured that our administration costs are very low.

All legacies to Charities are exempt from Inheritance Tax and may therefore help to reduce the tax payable on your estate. If you have already made a will it is not generally necessary to prepare a new will; a legacy to the Society can normally be made by adding a codicil to your existing will. And if you have not yet made a will, perhaps this plea will persuade you to act now!

Whatever you leave in your will to the Amateur Entomologists' Society will make a great difference to the Society and therefore to entomology and invertebrates in general.