Launch of the Entomologists' Glossary

Published: 12 January 2010

The terms and phrases used by entomologists can be strange and confusing when you first read them or hear them being used. To help entomologists, both expert and amateur alike, the Amateur Entomologists' Society is delighted to announce the launch of our Entomologists' Glossary.

The glossary includes more than 360 words (over 500 if you include synonyms) an entomologist might be familiar with, and some you may not have heard of. We think this makes it the largest online glossary for entomologists in the world!

Each term is defined on two levels:

  1. A brief definition on a page with other terms beginning with the same letter. For example, all the terms beginning with A.
  2. Each brief definition then links to a more detailed, illustrated encyclopaedia style definition. Each detailed definition page also lists related terms and provides links to other related pages on the AES web site.

Glossary terms are also grouped together so, for example, you can browse all the terms within the glossary that are related to entomological equipment.

Throughout the AES web site we have linked words that appear in the text of our pages to the relevant entry in the Entomologists' Glossary. Links to entries are identified like this: Darkling beetle

We hope you enjoy using the Entomologists' Glossary and find it useful. If you have any suggestions or want to contribute a definition then please contact us.

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