AES mentioned in the Sunday Telegraph

Published: 27 March 2010

The Amateur Entomologists' Society was mentioned in today's Sunday Telegraph. The newspaper ran a story on the decline of collecting as a passtime and the negative effect this might have on children's understanding of taxonomy and natural history.

The article follows the news that the National Trust obtained an injunction against fossil hunters to prevent them from digging in to rock faces in Dorset.

Sir David Attenborough offered his thoughts on the issue:

Children become interested in natural history because they are natural collectors.

It is a pity that it is not possible to allow them to go out and collect any more. Not to be able to collect a wild flower or fossils is sad.

It is a great loss to our children that they are prevented legally from collecting animals.

The printed version of the article featured a quote by Dr David Lonsdale, Conservation Secretary for the AES:

... the idea of collecting being illegal, even in limited circumstances, creates a situation in which many adults feel, incorrectly, that they must tell children that it's wrong to collect anything from the wild

The online edition of the newspaper also featured a quote from Dafydd Lewis, Hon. Secretary of the AES.

A clipping from the Sunday Telegraph 28th March 2010

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