AES membership list to be published in 2015

Published: 06 November 2014

2015 will see a resurrection of our Membership List. A membership list is something the society produced in the past and allows members to contact other members in their area. Many members have asked us to publish the list and we have now started the work to do this in 2015.

The list will consist of the names and postal and email addresses of Ordinary (over 18 yrs) and Institutional members. Only those members who want to be included will be included. We cannot include your details without you letting us know that you want us to do so.

There are several ways to "opt in":

  1. Complete the "opt in" declaration on the renewal form you will be sent with your publications at membership renewal time
  2. If renewing online, select the option to "opt in" to the membership list
  3. If you have already renewed, or renew by standing order, then email the society including your name and membership number and clearly stating that you wish to be included in the list.

Also, to be included in the list you need to have renewed your membership before the end of January 2015 - the deadline has been extended until 1st May 2015.

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