David Keen anniversary foray 2018

Published: 17 September 2018

Back in August the AES marked the 60th anniversary of former AES President and Council member David Keen's interest in insects being sparked by seeing a butterfly he couldn't identify, on Headley Heath in Surrey.

AES members will be familiar with his story from reading the Bug Club Magazine. This year we decided to have an 'anniversary jaunt' to celebrate this jolly event!

The walk also included a slight detour to visit the grave of Frederick William Frohawk. Frohawk was a famous artist and lepidopterist. He wrote a Natural History of British Butterflies (1914), The Complete Book of British Butterflies (1934) and Varieties of British Butterflies (1938).

Species list for the walk

Heathland area:

Insects found on Chalk escarpment:

Photos from the event

Beautiful Yellow Underwing caterpillar

Beautiful Yellow Underwing caterpillar

Silver spotted skipper

Silver spotted skipper

The grave of Frederick Frohawk

The grave of Frederick Frohawk (note the moth carved on the cross)

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