October 2007 Bug Club Magazine published

Published: 21 October 2007

The October issue of the AES Bug Club Magazine has been published and included an excellent article on hissing cockroaches by Rachel McLeod. We had no idea that these insects were so interesting, and as Rachel pointed out in her article they are an excellent way of seeing insect anatomy, because they are fairly large (and they hiss)!

Other points of note include the new discovery of a stag beetle in one of the London parks, made by Bug Club member Glenn Knight, while on a Bug Club outing there.

There is also an article in the magazine on the history of insect conservation, by Conservation Cara, along with some breaking news to do with insect conservation.

And of course, the regular features are there too, such as the poem, the jokes, the 'What on Earth?' puzzle and more...including 'Fleas – the dark side' – a real eye opener!

The next issue of the Bug Club Magazine will be published in December.

October 2007 Bug Club Magazine cover - showing a photograph of a leaf-cutting bee (_Megachile sp._) caught in the act

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