December 2007 Bug Club Magazine published

Published: 19 December 2007

The December BCM extended to 32 pages and contained two articles by young entomologists - one giving a young perspective on the Kempton Exhibition, and the other an excellent article by 8 year old Rachel McLeod, describing her Naturalists' Kit. Rachel was a winner of the Gardiner Award this year, for another article she submitted to the BCM. She will also be speaking at our Members' Day in April!

December 2007 Bug Club Magazine cover showing a photograph of the Drinker moth (_Euthix potatoria_) attracted to light on a remote Welsh mountain in July 2006

Conservation Cara made some interesting points in Conservation Corner this time, noting how most conservationists concentrate on the big animals – such as the rhinoceros – whereas insects actually make up the bulk of animal life on our planet. Her figures on which groups of animals get the most conservation funding make amazing reading, and highlight the importance of flying the flag for insects. She also describes in detail how to get to London Zoo without getting bunions...

The really 'serious' contribution to the December BCM was by AES President Mike Majerus, who told the story of the black peppered moth, Biston betularia. This moth has been cited in school syllabuses for decades as an excellent example of evolution by natural selection in action, but some doubt has been cast on the scientific validity of the story. Mike explains how recent ground breaking research by a Cambridge Professor has confirmed the initial findings of Professor Bernard Kettlewell, so that the role of the peppered moth in evolution has been proved right. That Cambridge professor was called Mike Majerus, funnily enough...

The February 2008 issue of the magazine will contain details of our action packed Members' Day, our planned Bug Club visit to the Royal Horticultural Society (did you know they employ two entomologists?) and to the Liverpool Museums (this year marks that City being the European Capital of Culture) among lots of other events.

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