Entomology and the future of the world - AES Members' Day

Published: 15 April 2008

The AES Annual Members' Day will be held at the Natural History Museum on the 26th April 2008. The theme of the day will be "Entomology and the future of the world". Please do arrive in time for the brief AGM as this is your opportunity to influence the running of your society. We have places available on council and this is the perfect time for you to join the AES council.

We have listened to your feedback from last year and ensured that the talks and tours of the insect collections do not overlap.

There will be five talks during the day:

  1. Rachel McLeod: 'The social life of Cocky, the male cockroach'
  2. Dr Paul Eggleton, Natural History Museum, London: 'Are termites really cockroaches? (Or, taxonomy and the future of the world). '
  3. Zoe Randle, Butterfly Conservation: 'What butterflies and moths are telling us about the future of the world.'
  4. Darren Mann, Oxford University Museum of Natural History: 'Museums and the future of the world'.
  5. Professor Mike Majerus, Cambridge University: Inaugural Tesch Lecture & AES Presidential Address: Natural history and the future of the world.

There will be two behind-the-scenes tours:

  1. The Diversity of Beetles and the NHM Collections - with Max Barclay
  2. Neotropical Rainbow Scarab Beetles: Taxonomy, distribution and biology - with Conrad Gillett

Further information on the day, including a full agenda and floor plan, is available in our members' only area.

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