Visual guide to the British Coelioxys bees now available

Published: 16 June 2008

An exciting visual guide to the British Coelioxys bees is now available. The guide takes a different approach to complicated keys that are commonly used to identify insects. Many of these keys are not easy for amateurs to use and this hampers insect recording.

The new key focuses on the Coelioxys bees, which have various English names such as the Sharp-tailed Bees, Sharp-abdomen Bees and Sharp-bellied Bees. The bees are also known as cuckoo bees because the larvae grow up on food stolen from Leaf-cutter Bees (Megachile Latreille) or Flower Bees (Anthophora Latreille).

The new guide has colour photographs demonstrating the diagnostic features of each of the six Coelioxys species found on mainland Britain. There are also clear diagrams illustrating the body parts mentioned in the guide making it easier for amateurs to use.

The new guide is freely available and can be downloaded from the AES site:

Coelioxys guide [low resolution version] 1.8Mb, PDF

Coelioxys guide [high resolution version] 55Mb, PDF

The two authors, Rhian Rowson and Mark Pavett, are very keen to hear feedback on the guide. If you use the guide please send in your comments using our feedback form. We will then pass the information on to the authors.

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