AES events 2009 - it's great to get involved

Published: 07 September 2008

This year the AES held a number of events (roughly one a month) and the members who attended these events found them very enjoyable.

We will shortly be putting together the events calendar for 2009 and would be interested to hear from members who would like to organise a local AES event. We expect to have some new literature about the Society available in due course, which members can display at such events.

The Society's events usually fall into two categories. Firstly there are field trips and/or indoor visits which aim to allow members and guests to meet like-minded entomologists, young and old, and to do some actual entomology. These can be AES only events, or they may be held in collaboration with other organisations.

Secondly there are what might be termed 'outreach' events, for example having an AES table at a general public or entomological event in order to publicise the Society, gain new members and also where appropriate to run bug walks to introduce the wider public to insects. Examples of these range from local countryside days to major international conferences.

Both of these types of event are important in order to promote the AES and to meet our charitable aims of spreading the word about insects. However, they won't happen unless someone runs them.

If you would like to volunteer to run an event, help out at an event that someone else has organised or take some AES leaflets along to an event you already plan to attend please get in touch.

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