Inspired by insects in Oxford

Published: 14 September 2008

Eighteen AES members and their guests attended our Autumn Bug Club Outing 2008 on the 13th September at the University of Oxford. They went for a bug walk in the park, had a special tour of the Hope Collections led by the curator, examined beetles through binocular microscopes and handled live insects.

We also opened the first floor (which had been cordoned off for our event) to public access when the museum volunteers arrived to help, this was overwhelmingly successful in terms of the sheer numbers of people who engaged with the microscopy (the museum provided 6 binocular microscopes) and live insects.

The AES will hopefully return to the Hope Collections at least once in 2009. See our events listngs for details.

AES members and the public enjoying the insect displays at Oxford University Museum of Natural History

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