Fall in love with spiders

Published: 30 October 2008

This Halloween why not get up close and personal with some our our least popular animals as BugLife, the UK's invertebrate conservation trust, launches the 'Love Spiders' campaign?

A photograph of the garden spider _Araneus diadematus_

A photograph of the garden spider, Araneus diadematus.

Spiders are some of the least popular invertebrates but are also some of the most beautiful and interesting. There are some 650 species of spider in the UK and between them they eat millions of insects and other invertebrates every year. Spiders are therefore extremely important in controlling pest insects.

Other fascinating spider facts:

The Amateur Entomologists' Society is a member organisation of BugLife. Further details of the 'Love Spiders' campaign can be found on the BugLife Web site.

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