The Co-op issues 'plan bee'

Published: 28 January 2009

The Co-operative has become the first UK retailer to prohibit the use of a group of eight pesticides as part of a radical new ten-point plan designed to help reverse the decline in British honeybee populations.

The exciting initiative is called 'Plan Bee' and is not limited to reducing pesticide usage. The Co-operative will also make available £150,000 for research into the decline of the honeybee and Co-operative Farms will commence a three-year research project that aims to identify the optimal mix of wildflowers to attract and support honeybees.

Another crucial part of Plan Bee will be awareness raising and education. The Co-operative will support the distribution of a dramatic new film highlighting the global decline in bee populations and the possible causes.

Further information on the initiative can bee found on The Co-operative's Web site

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