Why not print out and have a go at one of the puzzles featured in the February 1997 issue of the Bug Club Magazine.

Beetle crossword puzzle


2. Feeding apparatus of a butterfly.
3. Giant Spiny, Pink Winged and Macleay's Spectre are all types of these.
5. Insect Jaws.
6. Young Dragonfly.
8. Arachnid with pincers and a sting.
9. How many legs do insects have.
11. Largest group of insects with over 350,000 known species worldwide.
12. Insect body section where legs and wings attach.
14. Hawk, Tiger and Burnet are all types of ...........


1. Insects have a tough outer suit of armour called an .........
4. Butterfly pupa.
7. The heaviest of all insects is the .......... beetle.
10. Small jumping insect that may feed on your dog's blood.
13. Feeler

Originally published in the Amateur Entomologists' Society Bug Club Magazine

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