Affiliate with the Amateur Entomologists' Society

The aims of the AES since its foundation by Leonard Tesch, in 1935, have been to promote the study of entomology among amateurs, especially young people.

The study and conservation of insects and other invertebrates have never been so important, and we believe that there is an urgent need for natural history societies such as ourselves to work together to encourage the general public, and young people in particular, to engage with nature.

Affiliating with the AES will not only help to promote your Society but will help us to further our aims and increase the public benefit our societies can offer.

What would affiliation mean?

This would depend on the nature and 'match' of the societies. At least two main types of affiliation are possible.

Standard AES Affiliation

Standard affiliation terms are flexible and would normally be cash neutral. They could include, for example:

To apply to join our Affiliate Scheme please contact us.

AES Corporate Partnership

Your company can become an AES Sponsor or Partner by supporting our work to engage the public and young people with entomology and natural history.

Current Corporate Partners include the Royal Entomological Society's National Insect Week project, which has supported our publication 'Ladybirds throughout the Year' (2008) by Professor Mike Majerus and the production of a double-sized issue of our June 2008 Bug Club Magazine.

To apply to become an AES Corporate Partner please contact us.