Affiliation with the Royal Entomological Society

The logo of th Royal Entomological Society featuring a Strepsipteran

The AES is formally affiliated to the Royal Entomological Society (RES) ( The aim is to allow both organisations - one the leading society for amateur entomologists, the other the premier professional society - to provide entomological facilities across the entire spectrum of knowledge and interest, so that the field of entomology is accessible to all - from young beginner to senior professional.

The Societies work together in a number of ways. The latest details are published periodically in the AES Bulletin and in Antenna (the RES house journal).


AES and RES members attend each other's meetings on the same footing, and these are publicised to members of both societies.

The AES currently holds at least two meetings per year:

The RES has a number of monthly scientific meetings and an annual symposium or conference. AES members can attend the RES Symposia for the same registration fee as RES members.

AES & RES Publications

The two societies work together on new and revised services and publications, particularly with reference to identification of specimens.

The RES Library

The RES library is one of the finest entomological libraries in the world. AES members can access all the facilities of the library, including borrowing books, under the same terms and conditions as RES members and Fellows.

More information on the RES Library may be found at

Use of the Library is subject to the standard user terms and conditions as publicised in the AES Bulletin and Antenna from time to time. The two main points to bear in mind are:

National Insect Week

National Insect Week is a week of events and activities relating to insects, across the UK. It is organised by the RES biennially, and the AES will continue to play a substantial role in these events.