Media info & Press pack

The Amateur Entomologists' Society (AES) receives a large number of enquiries from the media (TV, film, radio and print) every year. These enquiries include requests for experts to attend panel sessions, the supply of invertebrate livestock and the use of our identification services.

The AES is a registered charity and run on a voluntary basis. We're happy to help the media in any way we can but it is very important for us to maximise our efforts on achieving the main aim of the society: be a gateway to entomology (the study of insects), especially for amateurs and young people.

As a result, for any help we give the media, we expect the media to assist the society in its goals in return.

For example:

The key factor in deciding if the AES can respond to a request from the media is the assurance from you that the relationship will not be one-sided. If you are unable to offer the Amateur Entomologists' Society something that will help promote our work and the society then please do not contact us requesting our assistance.

If you can help promote the AES in return for our assistance then please contact us and outline what you can offer us in return for our help.

Press pack

If you'd like more information on the AES please browse this Web site or download our Press pack. The Press pack contains key information on the society, our work and the importance of insects in general.

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