A popular and exciting AES Members' Day

Published: 21 April 2007

This year's AGM was held at the Natural History Museum on Saturday 21st April. The AGM itself was followed by an afternoon of members' events including lectures in the Museum's Flett Theatre, and a display of literature, live insects and poster exhibits in the Foyer. Bug Club and other members who had requested stick insects came along to collect them at the Bug Club stand, and we had a small selection of AES publications on sale, including the new book "British Butterflies through the Year" by Peter May. The proceedings were ably led by our President, Prof Mike Majerus.

The turnout on the day was extremely high, with a large number of AES members matched by a similar number of Museum members. One very popular attraction on the day was the museum tours, which included the Wallace Beetle Collection (about which readers of the Bug Club Magazine will have read in the February issue), spiders, grasshoppers and stick insects, led by Drs George and Jan Beccaloni.

There were also four lectures:

Feedback on the day, from both AES and Museum members, was extremely positive, with many people stating that they would like to come to a similar event in the future.

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