Insects - Action for Species stamps

Published: 14 April 2008

The Royal Mail will launch the second set of stamps in their "Action for Species" series today. This set of ten stamps will feature the following endangered British insects:

  1. Adonis Blue - Lysandra bellargus
  2. Southern Damselfly - Coenagrion mercuriale
  3. Red-barbed Ant - Formica rufibarbis
  4. Barberry Carpet Moth - Pareulype berberata
  5. Stag Beetle - Lucanus cervus
  6. Hazel Pot Beetle - Cryptocephalus coryli
  7. Field Cricket - Gryllus campestris
  8. Silver-spotted Skipper - Hesperia comma
  9. Purbeck Mason Wasp - Pseudepipona herrichii
  10. Noble Chafer - Gnorimus nobilis

The Stag Beetle was also featured in a set of Royal Mail insect stamps in 1985. That was the Golden Jubilee year of the Amateur Entomologists' Society and a set of first day covers was published to mark the milestone.

However, the release of this current set of stamps (promoting species under threat) comes at a time when many conservation bodies (including Buglife, of which the AES is a member organisation) are calling on the Royal Mail to shelve plans to build a warehouse on an important wildlife area.

The Royal Mail is planning to build a warehouse on West Thurrock Marshes. The area is packed with rare bumblebees, beetles and other wildlife and earlier this year Buglife attempted to stop the development through the High Court. The attempt was unsuccessful but an appeal is planned.

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